Terms & conditions

Terms of Dukas Press Agency:

1. The images may be used only for the agreed purpose. With exception within the agreed purpose DUKAS or the respective author retains all rights (copyright rights, other intellectual property rights, property rights).

2. All use of images is subject to a fee. This applies especially when using an image as any template; drawing, caricature, sketch, photograph, as well as for layout and presentation purposes.

3. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the calculation of the licence fee and use is governed by the current official price recommendations for image fees of the Swiss Association of Photo Agencies and Archives (SAB).

4. The customer bears full responsibility for the publication or distribution of an image. DUKAS disclaims any liability - especially the violation of the privacy or rights of third parties.

5. The image processing is permitted only under the usual format.

6. When publishing, all images must be labeled with the copyright notice: "Photo: Dukas / Agency (where applicable ) / photographer (where applicable)”

7. The customer is obliged to send a copy with the necessary information and support for distribution of the release of each DUKAS image.

8. All images acquired within the context of a contract will be charged. Any images delivered in regulation to the contract and are not used within the regulations of contract, are not eligible for refund.

The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Zurich.

Terms valid from 1.1.2015

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